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Bear or Bull Market?

Bull market or bear market. This is the first question every trader should ask and answer before entering the market. Now your answer to this question can vary from another traders answer due to trading strategy. Thus, indirectly, bullish and bearish are subjective but one must be careful because you can be fighting a strong trend. If you fight against a trend you can lose badly. The adage, the trend is your friend until it ends. I restated this adage to, “fight the trend and lose again and again” for those that fight trends. Also, indicators can help you or hurt you deciding a trend. For instance, if the RSI is over 80, most traders will say the market is overbought and take a short position speculating that there will be a sell off which will push prices down. But, if the market is in a strong trend the RSI will stay over 80 for a period of time and the market prices will just keep increasing. Therefore, take caution when an indicator indicates overbought or oversold because the market just might be in a strong trend