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Hints for Bot Making

First of all to be clear a bot is just a trading strategy that one wishes to automate. That said, below are possibly some helpful tips to making a bot.

1 – What is the indicator or reason that you will use to indicate that the market is long or short. This should be your main logic. Meaning this should weigh about 70% of the total 100% weight of the logic. Now there is only 30% “bot weight” left to use.

2 – What indicator or indicators will you use to provided buy or sell signal. You could give this a weight of 30%.

Example: Price is greater than 200 moving average. Thus, you could conclude that the market is long. Next you could use 20 and 50 ma’s for buy or sell signal. Meaning if the price is greater than 200 ma, and the 20 ma crosses above the 50 ma you could buy. Then if the 20 ma crosses below the 50 ma you could close your long position. You would not take a short position because the market is considered long only because the price is greater than the 200 ma.